Who Has The Best Defense For the 2016 Season?

While every player is focusing on the shiny offenses and best quarterbacks who deliver many points in a short period, to win the Super Bowl, a team needs to have a dominant defense. While the offense helps the teams gain more points than the opponents, a strong defense is what changes the landscape of a game or season. It was proved by Denver to a T during the last Super Bowl. The Broncos’ two quarterbacks were able to throw 19 touchdowns by a large combination compared to 23 interceptions on the season. The question is who will dominate with the best defenses in 2016?

It is evident that every team will adopt its strategy or philosophy of how to attack that draft. Some teams will adopt the strategy of finding fits for its weaknesses; others teams will lean on addressing the offensive, and others will concentrate on the defensive of the ball. Do not forget there are teams who target the best players in their opponents. Such teams play with the idea of a need to win rather than selling a particular concept. In 2016, there are various teams which have improved their defensive side and could have the best defensive in NFL of 2016.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

It does not matter the position of Jalen Ramsey in the secondary, Gus Bradley ensures that the team have Ramsey in the lineup to utilize his size and playmaking potential. For players who played different positions in college such as Myles Jack, many people think that it is the reason he has no grasp of where he fit best. However, Jacksonville is a perfect landing spot for his talents on the defensive. Jacksonville Jaguars have Tyrone Holmes and Yannick Ngakoue with the same defensive traits, and the two could end up battling for playing time in 2016. Sheldon Day is what many people call “tweener” size and he is not the perfect fit on either inside or outside up front but he can be disruptive, and he has great feet.

2. New York Jets

So long as the New York Jets have linebacker Darron Lee, the team is much better is many different ways. Lee has the necessary speed and range that allows him to make some great tackles which without him Jets’ inside backers could not attempt to make. Lee is both good as a blitzer and coverage which simply adds more three-down value. Another great player they have is Jordan Jenkins, who is more of an edge-setter than a pass rusher. Jenkins is tough and appears to enjoy the pro-ready style which fits the team’s personality. The other best defensive player is the Fourth-round cornerback Juston Burris who has both size and matchup ability to defense against bigger opponents in nickel coverage. Burris is a player to watch this season because he has the willingness to tackle.  They are nearly impossible to get a two-point conversion on, which keeps their team in it.

3. Tennessee Titans

Commonly referred to as the Titans, they have an excellent way of weaving in and out between offensive and defensive depending on the situation. Kevin Dodd plays with a pass-rush talent and can play both when his hand is on the ground or standing. When it comes to Austin Johnson, he has a motor of “never stops” because he can work on the team’s defensive line rotation quickly.

4. Houston Texans

Having finished third in the rank of best in total defense and pass, it was also among the top 10 against the run. There is no doubt J.J. Watt is the face of the team, but all players are a pro in nearly all levels. The secondary starts and ends at the boundaries where Kareem Jackson, Johnathan Joseph, and Kelvin Johnson forms an impressive group of cover guys. The three players were the reason Houston reached 82.8 quarterback rating a season ago. Houston is projected to have a strong overall defense in the NFL in the upcoming 2016 season.

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