Who Wins Each NFL Division in 2016

I can almost smell the fall air bringing football back to life. There is no guarantee to win each division, much less the Super Bowl, but here is who I am betting on will win each one in 2016.  You’ll notice I don’t stray too far from the odds on favorites, but Vegas sets those numbers for a reason. They are normally better at picking winners and setting lines than the rest of us.

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are going to make up for last season’s failure. It all started with the loss of Tony Romo due to a collarbone injury, but he is back and ready to lead the Cowboys. Dallas has the best offensive line in the NFL and has added Ezekiel Elliott from Ohio State to help carry the load in the backfield. Dez Bryant will be at full strength and the defense will play much better. They could lock up the NFC east pretty quickly.

NFC North: Green Bay Packers

With Aaron Rodgers under center, the Packers will always be a contender and secure a playoff spot. He’s the best quarterback in the league.  They had a disappointing end to the season last year but will rebound to win this weak division. The only team that might give them a run for their money is Chicago, but I’m not betting on it.

NFC South: Carolina Panthers

Carolina had a great season in 2015 and are looking to build on it. They were able to get to the Super Bowl only to lose to Denver. Cam Newton fell short on getting 16 wins for the Panthers, but he looks like he’s ready to claim the first undefeated season since the 1972 Miami Dolphins. They have excellent playmakers, and young Newton is only getting better.

NFC West: Seattle Seahawks

Seattle will get back in the driver’s seat this season. With Pete Carroll as head coach and Russell Wilson at QB, there really isn’t much this team can’t do. They are one of the top team in the entire NFL, and with a little competition with Arizona for the division title, and there’s a race I’m ready to see.

AFC East: New England Patriots

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are one of the most prolific coach/quarterback combination in NFL history. They have won four Super Bowls together, and Brady has not shown any signs of slowing down. They always know how to re-tool their squad. They’ve got the NFC East locked up.

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals

I had a tough time with this one. But, with a much better defense than they’ve had in years, and an offensive group that seems to have found it’s identity, the sky should be the limit for them. Andy Dalton heads up a pretty talented crew with A.J. Green at WR and Tyler Eifert at TE. That makes for a pretty dangerous offensive combination. They get the nod over Pittsburgh to win the division.

AFC South: Houston Texans

J.J. Watt is a “man on a mission” for Houston and is leading one of the best defenses in the NFL. He is an incredibly dominant defensive player that strikes fear in those that line up across from him. The Texans aren’t a great team by any stretch, but with the other teams in this division, this looks like an easy call.

AFC West: Denver Broncos

Even though Peyton Manning has retired the Broncos are still going to be an elite team. That’s because they have a Defense that brought the Carolina Panthers to their knees in the Super Bowl. They have some questions at quarterback, but with Gary Kubiak as head coach, they may get back to the pinnacle of the NFL mountain.

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